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53rd Symposium of PSHC

53rd Symposium of PSHC, Gdansk, Poland

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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, We cordially invite Members and Supporters of the Polish Society for Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Young Scientists and Students to participate in the 53rd PSHC Symposium entitled “From ultrastructure to in vivo imaging: progress in microscopic techniques” , which will take place inGdańsk on September 15-18, 2019 .

We hope that the Symposium will become a forum for the exchange of the latest information related to advances in electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry and microscopic visualization in vivo in imaging morphological structures over a wide spectrum: from nano- and ultrastructures to observing molecules and cells in living organisms. We also count on your active participation, which will certainly result in acquiring new knowledge, will allow to establish interesting cooperation and contribute to better integration of our environment.

See you in Gdansk!

Professor Zbigniew Kmiec, PhD, MD Chairman of the Scientific Committee

Dr. Piotr Wierzbicki, PhD Chairman of the Organizing Committee